Alarming results for Switzerland – Interview La RTS

Last week, the Federal Cybersecurity Office published its report, revealing a worrying situation regarding digital security in Switzerland, described as catastrophic. The report describes a critical situation, highlighting the inadequate preparedness of the country’s economic fabric in the face of cyber attacks.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are particularly at risk, lacking the resources and skills to effectively counter hackers. The report also highlights the challenges faced by the Swiss police who, as we saw with the Xplain scandal, are struggling to respond to modern cyber attack tactics.


The crucial question remains: how can the country’s cyber-resilience be strengthened?

The more the Swiss population is thoroughly and regularly trained, and the more businesses are prepared to detect and respond to attacks and to have the right reflexes, the more the country will gain in cyber maturity. The commitment of each and every citizen, as well as the managers of SMEs and large companies, is crucial. Even the simplest gestures can have a significant impact.


To listen to the full interview with Steven MEYER on RTS’s ‘Les Beaux Parleurs’ programme, click here.

Isabelle Meyer
Isabelle Meyer

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