Optimal, customized answer, to protect your infrastructure and data at a controlled and mutualized cost.


Onsite incident response
coordination from qualified & experienced team


The secret weapon that transforms reactive defense into proactive protection


We offer various made-to-measure training modules based on your needs and the target audience.


Protecting your operational environment against cyber threats and material damage. 

ZEN360: Customized and Proactive Protection

ZEN360 is the optimal response for achieving high-performance security while maintaining your productivity.
Our experts continuously monitor your infrastructure’s activities in order to detect any discrepancies from the outset. For example, when there is a high risk of cyber-attacks or suspicious activity, our experts progressively increase your security level by reinforcing certain access points. Once the threat is addressed, you receive notification plus an alert report detailing the root of the problem and the solution implemented by our engineers. Each of your safeguards’ activities are correlated, thus exponentially strengthening your security.

Serenity Thanks to Properly Controlled Digital Risks

Analysis of your environment, risks and issues.

Definition of a
custom offer.

Configuration of our services and
deployment of your security.
Training of
your teams.

Ongoing management, tracking and monitoring of your services by our experts.

Our Security MSS Benefits

Find out how ZENDATA differs from other managed security services providers.

ZEN360 MSSP Your managed security service provider

Cyberattacks have become a major threat to businesses.

Regrettably, conventional security measures have become inadequate in providing sufficient protection. But with ZEN360 MSSP you get the upper hand against attacks to your digital environment.

ZENDATA will purchase, configure, deploy and monitors security tools selected for you based on your risk exposure and business operations.

ZEN360: The Ideal Global Protection for SMEs

By targeting your needs and threats, ZEN360 allows you to benefit from an efficient, “à la carte” protection solution where you choose among over 30 services to tailor your coverage to its appropriate level.This service allows you to benefit from continuing expertise without the cost of hiring a specialist, and enables you to validate 18 of the 20 Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyberdefense.

With the help of ZEN360, protect your infrastructure and data from any accidental or intentional abnormal use. Protect your e-mail, infrastructure, cloud and network; control your data; manage updates, hardware and software used; extract data.

With ZEN360, our experts provide you with a comprehensive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. We take charge of your protection, analyze your threats and take action toward your incidents. This service is an ideal complement to your IT department’s expertise to provide the most incisively appropriate responses to cyberthreats.


• One-stop shop adaptive security
• Tickets with actionable information
• 24/7 proactive & real-time protection
• Advanced Threat intelligence
• All-inclusive security costs
• 35 tools in one service
• Custom solution based on your risks
• Certified experts in leading solutions
• 24×7 capabilities for incident response
• Personalized status dashboard
• 18 months technology due diligence
• 12 years of track record