The modern world brings the ability to optimize businesses' productivity and the quality of their products and services

On the other hand, it also carries with it exposure to new digital risks that business’ systems must now counter and mitigate.

Expanding Attacks Target All Businesses, Specifically SMES

The majority of targeted businesses in the world today are SMEs.
Cybercrime currently generates more revenue for organized crime than drugs and prostitution, with, as a bonus, a lower risk of being caught by the law, and with our economy and lives getting digitized, this trend is only growing. Globalization of the Internet exposes your entity to cybercriminals, wherever they may be in the world.

Hackers regularly attempt to penetrate systems for financial or political purposes, through vandalism or industrial espionage, regardless of borders. Unlike robberies and hold-ups, businesses tend to underestimate the much more real threat of a cyber-attack and its impact on their sustainability.

Cyber-attacks’ consequences, both direct and indirect, such as financial losses, loss of business, data compromise and reputational impact, are often dramatic. More than 60% of SMEs in Switzerland that are victims of massive cyber attacks are forced to file for bankruptcy. It is now indispensable for any business to anticipate and prevent this risk.
The year 2020 was profoundly marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was also a landmark year for cybersecurity. Amidst the widespread implementation of teleworking, businesses have been compelled to adapt in order to protect from the deadly virus’ propagation. Teleworking logistics were often set up as an emergency, without any effective safeguards, which hackers extensively exploited. At ZENDATA, where we provide continuous supervised security for thousands of users, we saw a 500% increase in malware-based attacks between January and March 2020.


ZENDATA helps you identify the tools and services best suited to your environment and issues.


ZENDATA implements processes such that your users employ tools and services adaptively and optimally.


ZENDATA ensures awareness and understanding of best practices to make users the strong link in your protection.


Ongoing Managed Services: the Best Response to Digital Risk.

Antivirus software no longer suffices. Ransomware and other malware can uninstall them.

With ZEN360, arm your company with continuous security tracked and followed up on by experts at mutualized costs.