Our Benchmarks

The best benchmarks are the timeless ones.
ZENDATA cherishes human values and sustainable relationships. Our company is proud of its contributors, customers and partners, as well as their active involvement in their security.


Through their profession and their mission, lawyers have always been considered reliable and trusted advisors.

In today’s digital landscape, preserving the confidentiality of our customers’ information stands as an absolute priority for legal professionals. The transformation of the legal profession into a largely digital arena necessitates a commensurate adaptation in our approach to safeguarding sensitive data and infrastructure.

Not only is securing this information a legal obligation within the broader framework of customer data protection, but it also serves as a cornerstone in maintaining trust and upholding professional secrecy. While physical law offices often boast robust alarm systems to protect their physical files, the same level of security is seldom extended to the digital realm. Yet, today, law firms have emerged as prime targets for cybercriminals. Hacking into a law firm provides an appealing prospect for hackers—it’s cost-effective and yields swift profitability.
In response to this pressing need for enhanced infrastructure security, ZENDATA, in collaboration with the Geneva Bar Association, has introduced a specialized service tailored to the unique demands of law firms.

With an intimate understanding of the legal profession, we are uniquely positioned to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.


The digital revolution has permeated every facet of our society, and the medical field is no exception.

Today, doctors require not only efficient IT systems tailored to their unique needs but also systems that are secure and protected. The fast-paced and critical nature of healthcare leaves no room for a one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. Patient confidentiality stands as an uncompromising principle in healthcare, and any breach in data integrity can have complex consequences. Unfortunately, history serves as a stark reminder that medical institutions are frequently targeted by hackers, resulting in often tragic outcomes.

In the midst of these challenges, the financial priority is not in cybersecurity or overhauling existing IT systems. Instead, it’s about finding innovative ways to address these constraints. ZENDATA is dedicated to partnering with medical establishments to develop and implement tailored procedures and tools that strike the delicate balance between efficiency and security.

Dedicated to partnering with medical establishments to develop and implement tailored procedures.

People and governments

In recent years, cyber intrusions have emerged as a significant threat, impacting not only businesses but also the security of governments and public communities.

The attraction of cyber weapons is undeniable: they are highly effective, cost-efficient, precisely targeted, and often shrouded in ambiguity, making their origins difficult to trace. The destructive potential of cyber attacks is both undeniable and unsettling.

As a representative of a city, or public institution, the disruption of your computer systems by hackers is a risk you cannot afford to ignore. It risks the confidentiality of sensitive information and disrupts the availability of crucial services.

The time has come for a proactive stance on cybersecurity. Protect your digital infrastructure and the trust of people. Reach out to ensure the resilience of your systems against cyber threats.

Protecting Financial Institutions: Safeguarding Valuable Assets

Banks and financial institutions house exceptionally valuable and sensitive information, making them prime targets for highly targeted cyberattacks.

These hackers take the time and implement elaborate attacks in order to defeat the protections of these structures. It is therefore essential for financial institutions to provide supervised security capable of detecting attacks at their earliest stages. Regulations in this area are very strict regarding incidents, whether accidental or

Thus, it is important to correctly define how sensitive data circulates within the organization and what control and monitoring policies are in place within it.

We are a trusted partner for banks, wealth
managers, and financial institutions. We stand
shoulder-to-shoulder with them daily, providing
tailored protection that adheres to the most
rigorous standards. Through our continuous
monitoring service, we proactively identify and
report attacks to targeted institutions,
collaborating closely with FINMA to swiftly
neutralize threats.


NGOs and the media, through their actions, their exposure, and the interactions they implement, are often targets, and they must have adequate protections.

Protecting the integrity and confidentiality of their data, whether to preserve their sources and the accuracy of their information or to prevent political influencers from acting against common interests, is essential.

At ZENDATA, we are guided by our principles and unwavering commitment. We understand the unique challenges faced by NGOs and media organizations. In recognition of their vital roles in society, we offer special rates to empower them with the protection needed to keep their information systems secure and resilient.

Together, we can ensure that NGOs and the media continue their invaluable work, secure in the knowledge that their data and values remain protected.


Industry 4.0 is today a reality and a strategic differentiator.

Industries must nevertheless consider their security challenges in order not to experience any disruption in their tools and their production chain.

In order to perpetuate your commercial relationships and maintain supplies, it is necessary to put in place appropriate protections, not only for your IT equipment and networks but also for your industrial infrastructure (OT, ICS and SCADA).

ZENDATA works alongside industries in different sectors to implement a secure, long-term digitalization strategy.

Real estate

The digitalization of management makes it possible to better serve the interests of owners and tenants but simultaneously exposes them to new risks. Tenant data is subject to strict regulations, the volume of financial flows attracts cybercriminals, and trust between owners and the management is a fundamental pillar that must be secure.

ZENDATA acts alongside property management companies to provide them with solid means of defense as well as permanent control. Your owners and tenants will thus be reassured and their data protected.

Small and
Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

In recent times, ransomware attacks have 
increasingly been directed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs have become favored targets for cybercriminals due to the quick, simple, and profitable nature of
these attacks.

Hackers exploit the often inadequate security measures in place within SMEs’ infrastructure and data systems. The consequences of these attacks can be particularly devastating for SMEs, which typically have limited resources and may not be well-prepared to handle such incidents.

To address this growing threat, SMEs are encouraged to consider various cybersecurity measures. One effective approach is to invest in continuous and monitored security solutions, which can help mitigate and manage the risk of cyberattacks at a reasonable cost.

One option for SMEs is to subcontract their cybersecurity needs to specialized companies that offer comprehensive IT protection. These services typically encompass data confidentiality, recovery procedures in the event of data loss or theft, and overall support to ensure the company’s sustainability.
One such solution in the market is ZENDATA’s ZEN360, which leverages their expertise and experience to provide strategic cybersecurity support for SMEs.

For a more comprehensive analysis on 
how SMEs can protect themselves from cyberattacks, we encourage you to explore 
our resources and consult with one of our cybersecurity experts to determine the most suitable approach for your specific business needs.


In today’s interconnected world, the size and complexity of your organization inevitably define your vulnerability to cyber threats.

Your reputation and visibility not only attract customers but also catch the attention of cybercriminals. Balancing the intricacies of your IT infrastructure, diverse departmental needs, and varying employee sensitivities can pose a significant challenge, often exploited by hackers.

At ZENDATA, we specialize in guiding multinational corporations through the selection and implementation of tailored security solutions and procedures to address their unique threat landscape. Our expertise extends to incident response and internal investigations, ensuring your business remains resilient in the face of evolving threats.