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Swiss company Proton is offering a Dark Web Monitoring service that can detect whether personal information is being leaked onto the Dark Web.
This kind of Threat Intelligence service, accessible to all, has many advantages, but its limitations must be clearly understood.

Security breaches are commonplace, and it’s important for users to know when their data has been leaked so that they can protect themselves accordingly. This is where Proton’s ‘Dark Web Monitoring’ service could be of interest, enabling users to be warned quickly.

For example, in the case of password theft, telling the user what has happened is all well and good, but they still need to be able to adapt their behaviour to the threat by immediately changing their password, paying attention to suspicious emails, and so on.

However, there are limits to this service. Firstly, it does not protect the user before the breach has occurred. Secondly, Proton cannot access all the stolen data, as some of these databases are not made public on the Dark Web. Finally, this service is not free and is only available to Proton users.


In itself, this is a very interesting service for keeping up to date on a small scale. ZENDATA works with a large number of suppliers to provide a comprehensive view of criminal activity. Yes, knowing whether a password or email has been leaked is important, but to protect an organisation, you need to go further: what are the adversaries saying about the organisation, the technologies used, the industry, the region, etc.?

In the most sophisticated attacks, adversaries will be very careful to make as little noise as possible, to avoid making themselves visible while searching for an email address. That’s why we recommend more advanced Threat Intelligence and Dark Web Monitoring services for organisations, with services that go beyond those offered by Proton.

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