DDoS attack: the need for a response plan

Just as a demonstration blocks access to a road, a DDoS attack aims to hinder legitimate access to a web service for its legitimate users.

This type of attack, frequently seen in the 90s and early 2000s, has seen a resurgence over the last five years, particularly as a means of transmitting geopolitical messages. A DDoS attack is a form of cyberattack where thousands of computers (often themselves infected with malware), are used to flood a target with traffic, overwhelming it and making it unavailable to legitimate users.


What you need to do to prepare for a DDoS attack :


  • Identify critical assets and services: Every server offering an Internet-accessible service can be the target of a DDoS attack. It is therefore crucial to identify them correctly, but also to understand the interdependencies between them to accurately assess the potential impact of such an attack.


  • Understanding network access: Minimise the services exposed to the Internet and their exposure in order to reduce your attack surface.


  • Subscribe to a DDoS protection service: Subscribe to a DDoS protection service that monitors, detects and absorbs harmful traffic targeting your network.


Call on a specialist cybersecurity company for:


  • Understand dependencies and minimise the attack surface: we analyse the types of DDoS attack that could target you to understand their impact and suggest more resilient configurations.


  • Set up anti-DDoS protection: we put in place tools to absorb malicious traffic on OSI levels 3, 4 and 7 (networks, transport and applications).


  • Incident response team: we respond to incidents and help you develop a business continuity plan.


  • Communication with your suppliers and customers: it’s essential to communicate regularly with the parties concerned: suppliers, customers, service providers, law enforcement agencies, the public, etc. We are at your side to ensure a coordinated and effective response.


Whether by analysis, preventive solution or incident response, ZENDATA can provide you with effective support to protect you against DDoS attacks.

Isabelle Meyer
Isabelle Meyer

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