New digital resolutions 2024 – RTS

A new year means new resolutions. What if, in 2024, you adopted some simple measures to strengthen your digital protection?

First and foremost: change your passwords! (no, password2023 must not become password2024)


The second good digital resolution to adopt in 2024 is: protect your smartphone! This little device knows you so well, too well!


For the third good digital resolution to adopt in 2024, we ask you to take care of your smartphone. Normally, it’ll return the favour!


Fourthly, we talk about e-commerce sites


How can we limit the environmental impact of our online activities? That’s the theme of this latest, and not least, good resolution to adopt in 2024!

Isabelle Meyer
Isabelle Meyer

I'm a passionate blogger who shares insights, experiences, and thoughts on various topics through my blog, connecting with a like-minded online community.

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